What does The Talbot Trusts fund:
The Talbot Trusts support registered charities and other not for profit organisations who provide services and facilities that will directly benefit persons who are sick, convalescent, disabled or infirm and which are not readily available to them from other sources.

What does The Talbot Trusts not fund:
Grants will not normally be considered for research and major fund-raising and general appeals.

Who is eligible for funding:

  • Registered charities
  • Non-profit-making organisations
  • Community groups
  • Grass roots organisations (maximum income of less than £10k per annum)
  • Branches of National organisations who are financially independent

Who is not eligible for funding:

  • Profit-making organisations
  • Individuals
  • National Organisations

We have received a grant in the past, when can we apply again?
The Trustees are unable to commit themselves to approving recurrent grants. Each grant application will be considered on its own merits.

We have been refused funding in the past, can we apply again?
Yes, the Trustees consider many applications and sometimes there are insufficient resources to fund them all at one particular meeting. If in doubt, please contact the Clerk to the Trustees for advice.

When do the Trustees meet?
The Trustees meet twice a year to review the latest applications.  Usually around July and December.